50 Things part 3

3. My friend Katie gave me a ‘Garland lampshade‘ from Habitat, I’m not sure if they make them any more. garland

I love it, it makes me happy every time I see it, which is many times a day as I spend much of winter in my bedroom, the warmest room in the house. Garland is basically a sheet of metal carved into leaves and flowers in a twisty turny garland which you drape around a light garland 2bulb. I can’t see me ever getting it untangled now it’s up. There’s something alive about it- the way tendrils seem to be escaping in all directions. And it’s so dainty. Not my usual thing at all.

Habitat reminds me of childhood in my parents’ weird flat roofed house which looked like a shoe box. We had loads of Habitat furniture, which I think has made me love straight lines, blocks of colour, simple things that do what you need. I’ve got 3 sets of Habitat cubes around my house, one of which I’ve been carting around since I left home in the early 80s. Hmm, maybe I should write an ode to Habitat to play on my ukulele.


My bank just cancelled a VISA payment due to ‘unusual patterns of spending’, as in I’ve actually been buying things this year. I usually go to Spain twice a year to stay with mates and buy food, books n booze. That’s about it, so no wonder they were suspicious. It’s been fun so far, but I don’t know how people keep up with fashion, it seems like a stupid waste of time and money to me.

4. What better to do on a cold hungover winter weekend than watch the final series of Breaking Bad?

bb 5


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