50 Things Part 10

50 Things Part 10

35. Bonfire

I love burning things, but somehow rarely manage to get out in the garden. This list is really helping me do the things I want to do, my new mantra is ‘just do it’.35. Bonfire

So, I spent a day burning a huge pile of mountain of hedge cuttings from the last couple of years, which was a massive undertaking, as it was all so wet I had to put it on branch by branch. At the end I was covered in scratches and insect bites, full of splinters, and I’d bruised my lungs by sitting on an old chair which collapsed and threw me against a tree. But I felt very satisfied and have since had a couple of proper bonfires with dry unsmoking wood. It’s so relaxing sitting and watching flames.

36 Thai Aroi Dee

Great little Thai cafe in Leeds, People say it’s authentic, but I’ve no idea if that’s true. Just very tasty cheap and BYO (for free!). Have been here with work, friends, friends of friends and bf and it’s always a pleasure.

37. LED wall clock

No more ticking.

I’ve included my gorgeous Polish papercut in the pic too.

38 LED watch

I was looking for birthday presents at Bradford IMAX as museum shops often have interesting stuff. What did I see but a plain black rubber watch, which shows the time in LEDs if you press a button. I couldn’t resist. Apparently it ‘looks like a tag’ but I reckon they were just jealous. Reminds me slightly of the Tomorrow People, but I doubt that LEDS were around then.

39 Rug

I’ve had my living room insulated, plus a new painted floor which needs rugs. There’s a whole world out there full of psychedelic designs, it’s amazing. I restrained myself somewhat to this swirly one, cheap because it’s acrylic, but cleanability (think I made that up) is a priority these days. I won’t be changing it before I die, so my green conscience is relatively clear.

39 rug

40 Sagrada Familia BCN

On my third annual trip to Barcelona with 2 mates, we decided to finally go inside La Sagrada Familia. It was incredible! Nothing like the outside, it’s Gaudi at his most restrained. Soaring columns like huge redwoods, fonts made of giant clams. I won’t say any more, as I think you should go and see it yourself. It had the most intense colours from stained glass I’ve ever seen. I could’ve stayed in there for hours. Book tickets online to cut down on queueing.My pics don’t do it any justice, but I’m sure google will help.

41. New bag- Clas Ohlson

41 new bag

Woohoo, huge cheap bag from my current favourite shop. Cross between Ikea & Wilkos, but so much better.

42. Visit York, KT & the Quilt Museum

Lovely weekend in York, visiting an old friend. We saw some amazing modern quilts plus one I loved made out of old clothing labels : Bri-lon and the like. The displays are regularly changed so I’ll be going again, though I was a bit miffed we weren’t allowed to take photos.. We also had a delicious meal at Walmgate Alehouse (I’ve tried to recreate the pea pancakes at home, not very successfully) and went to the Gallery to see hundreds of ceramics, including these beauties by Kerry Jameson.

I even walked some of the famous walls on my way back to the station.

43. Cheese cafe

This pop up in Leeds didn’t exist when I made my list, but luckily I had a few numbers spare. What a great idea. Plates of cheesy favourites like macaroni cheese and aubergine parmigiana, done really well. The rarebit was the best I’ve ever had, made with a layer of melted black cheese in the middle. It looked like molten plastic, but tasted amazing. Apparently it was made in remembrance of the miners’ strike, is called Char Coal, and actually contains cola. Delicious! I’m not sure how long the cafe will be there, so get down to Homage2Fromage soon. You can pop in for a cheesy bite in the bar or go upstairs for a proper dining experience.

melted cheese

I’ve been 3 times already !

I’m a bit behind on writing up, but have 2 to go, so should be on target to finish at the end of the year.